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Choosing The Right Music For Your Special Occasion

Well after nearly a year of preparation for one of the most crucial days of your wedding, one important decision remained, the music. After some in depth conversations between my future husband and me who we wanted to hire to play the music for our day, it boiled down to two choices, a DJ or a wedding violinist.

My husband won this one. He had a strong argument on why he felt the way he did. He had been a musician himself for several years and played more than one instrument. Music is the most essential details to a wedding celebration, it sets the ambiance and it is forever remembered.

The sweet versatile enchanting sounds as your guests are charmed listening to the awe-inspiring sounds that emanate from the teeter-tottering bow. The music of the violin that will serenade your guests with the timeless classical, waltzes, standards or popular music from pre-ceremony until you exit the reception hall as it fills the room, something that will leave a tremendous lasting memory.