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Opening Night Is Approaching

The opening night of our play is just around the corner. We’ve been planning and rehearsing since December. Everyone’s a little nervous about the first performance but, as the director, I think I am the most nervous of all.

Everyone keeps telling me I have nothing to worry about. All the costumes are completed, we have our bridal makeup artist Manchester, the sets are done being painted and all lines are memorized. But I can’t help feeling like I’m forgetting something. I guess that’s probably normal.

David wants to take me out to dinner tonight so I can try to relax. I haven’t done anything for myself since rehearsals began. All I have done is eat, sleep and breath ‘The Sound Of Music.’

I’m not sure eating out is going to cut it, though. I think I’m going to tell him that I require a lot of wine and quite possibly a day at the spa too.